Where can you bring more gentleness into your life today?

Gently Moving Forward practices welcoming qualities of gentle strength and clarity as we access the place where magic unfolds and possibilities open.

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Welcome! My name is Kathleen Nelson Troyer and I work with both individuals and businesses. I am a Transformational Coach, Trainer, Retreat Leader and Organizational Consultant. Gently Moving Forward serves as home-base for personal one-on-one work with clients, group coaching and training programs and our fabulous retreats.

I have been working with personal clients since 1992 to attain their goals and improve their lives. I first became certified in Holistic Massage Therapy and learned the art of Vibrational Healing. My path then led me to study and attain Masters Level certifications in: Reiki, Energy Coaching, Neurolingistic Programming (NLP), Family & Systemic Constellations, and Holographic Principles. I am a life long learner and enjoy seeking out new modalities for healing and transformation.

More About Kat

Kat has an uncanny way of honing right in on the core issue at hand and gently guides one through the clarification and healing process.

– Lorien Eck, Los Angeles

Programs & Retreats

Gently Moving Forward From Clutter to Clarity

There is a real connection between clutter and how it affects your ability to move forward in life with clarity. I’ve struggled with conquering my own clutter for years so I decided to implement my programs to tackle it. Along the way I have gained insight and documented my journey so that I could share it with others and help them move from Clutter to Clarity too. I can’t wait to share these powerful insights, tips, tricks and tools that I discovered!

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Group Trainings & Retreats

Our retreats, programs, and online courses offer grounded guidance, practical tools, and deep awareness, in a safe space that makes it possible to discover, explore, grow, and transform. Kat and her team hold you in a space of safety, love, and respect, knowing that YOU have your own best answers.

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One-on-One Coaching with Kat

I teach you tools that can change your life. I am honored to work with your soul’s essence and help you to remove any blocks that are preventing you from having what you desire. I am committed to listening to you and to providing a safe space for you to transform, heal, and bring more of your essence into the world.

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